Ground Floor Renovation and Extension in Elgar Close, Ickenham

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Ground Floor Renovation and Extension in Elgar Close, Ickenham

In September 2020, Amr and Sarah of Elgar Close, Ickenham contacted SM London Construction after finding us on a Facebook property network page. Impressed with examples of our previous work, they asked us to renovate and extend the ground floor of their home to create a more spacious, functional, and modern living area.

The Project

We began by visiting Amr and Sarah for a complimentary in-house consultation. Our team conducted a thorough survey of their ground floor and exterior space, looking at their current layout and the changes they wanted made. We also discussed their needs and goals with them to get a solid grasp of their vision. 

Next, we worked closely with both the couple and trusted architects to draw up plans for the new design, set a project timeline, and come up with a quote. Amr and Sarah were happy to go ahead with the plans, so we got started on the project shortly after. 

We expanded the back of the house to create a sleek, spacious kitchen under a modern skylight, filling the new open area with natural light. At the same time, we revamped the existing rooms, giving the bathroom and home office a complete makeover to match the couple's preferred black and green colour scheme and minimalist style. Later, we returned to install underfloor heating throughout the entire ground floor. This last touch made sure the updated space stayed warm and cosy throughout the winter months. 

The full scope delivered on Amr and Sarah's vision for an inviting, contemporary ground floor, unified in theme while serving both practical and aesthetic ambitions. Some of the design features it incorporated were:  

  • Multiple skylights 

  • Recessed LED ceiling lighting 

  • Hanging geometric lights over kitchen counter and hallway 

  • Green tile wall panelling 

  • Floating sink 

  • Recessed wall shelves 

  • Marble countertops 

Challenges and Obstacles

We worked on the project in 2020, which meant we ran into some delays due to government restrictions and lockdowns. We understood the potential inconvenience for the homeowners, so we kept them informed about when we could get back to the project to ease their concerns. Fortunately, we managed to finish the project not long after the initially planned timeline. 

The End Results

We successfully completed the project in February 2021, and Amr and Sarah were left thrilled with the results. The new extension gave them sorely needed additional living space, while the modern redesign brought a contemporary yet cosy feel to their home. 

With their home now meeting their needs, Amr and Sarah happily recommend our remodelling services to other homeowners seeking renovations. 

Client Testimonial

Discover what our previous clients had to say about their experience working with us.

Shaz had the same attention to detail that we wanted. He was super prompt with getting things done. He never slowed down the process, and we were just impressed with his efficiency and trustworthiness… he was very accurate with his pricing and breakdown of costs. Everything was transparent; nothing unexpected happened during the build. We always knew what was coming, what to expect


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